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Ambassador Program 2019

Vindilac Analytics is offering an opportunity to University and College Students to serve as ambassadors, representing the firm and its services. This is a voluntary opportunity for senior students (3rd year and above) to participate in and promote the activities undertaken by VA. Despite the voluntary effort by self-motivated individuals, VA recognizes the value-added by everyone involved in its operations and will therefore incentivize all ambassadors through referral letters, preferential access to services offered by the firm while giving them an opportunity to gain hands-on experience.

Aim and Objectives

While VA aims to capture more clients into its operations, the main objective is to see more students succeeding through their academic journey. The struggle is not supposed to result in academic failure. Therefore, VA advocates for academic excellence while generating some revenue to keep its effective operations ongoing and functional.

Skills and leadership qualities

To be part of VA, you need to be a self-motivated individual and be a good team player as you would be required to work hand-in-hand with other candidates. However, being able to work independently is key, assuming you carry the ability to account for your actions. The ambassador needs to have good written and verbal communication skills, ability to work under pressure, able to lead and listen to others,  social media literate and good business sense.


Roles and Responsibilities

Ambassadors are expected to inform university students about the services offered by VA and serve as immediate points of contact. While reflecting the core values of the firm, ambassadors must be confident in every task to be undertaken. Ambassadors will also be involved in community outreach programmes undertaken by VA in their respective provinces. Lastly, ambassadors shall perform any other reasonable duty as delegated by management from sales to marketing, administration and finance.



All ambassadors will be incentivized by VA in the form of a referral letter acknowledging their valuable service provided within the duration of the programme. The programme is expected to run for 6 months. Furthermore, VA ambassadors will have preferential  access to some of the services offered by VA while gaining hands-on experience.



This opportunity is eligible for all students enrolled at the institutions of higher learning (including colleges) in any South African province.  Students should  be in their 3rd year of study or above, studying towards a commercial qualification (economics, business science, management, development studies, law, accounting).

Closing date: Rolling basis (Infinite intake)

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