Tailored Services to suit your needs

Business Advisory

Organizational management, administrative support, supply chain, corporate finance, financial management, brand and personnel

R350.00 | Per session

Financial Projections

Income statement, balance sheet, cash-flow statement, shareholders equity, business start-up costs, loan amortization schedule.

R950.00 | Once-Off

Market Analysis

Potential customer analysis, demographics and habits, competitor analysis, barriers to entry, market share, pricing and gross margin

R1100.00 | Once-Off

Business registration

MoI, Registration Certificate, Tax Clearance, Share Certificate, CSD Registration, BEE Certificate & AR Filling

R470.00 | Once-Off

Business Plan

Executive Summary, Operational Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Personnel Plan, SWOT analysis & Market Research

R800.00 | Once-Off

Economic Analysis

Economic Outlook,Economic Scenarios, Economic-Impact Analysis, Business Risk Mitigation Strategy

R740.00 | Once-Off


Several Payment Options

For the convenience of our clients, we offer several payment options. Our clients can make online payment through instant EFT, Debit card, Credit card, normal EFT and Master-pass. Alternatively, clients can pay through instant money (Cash send, Ewallet, iMali) or direct bank(ATM) deposit.